[permaculture] Open letter to the Australian permaculturemovement: Cuba

Keith Johnson keithdj at mindspring.com
Wed Jul 3 11:16:12 EDT 2002

"Cuba has addressed the problem of urban food production in crowded cities with some
success if news reports are to be believed." said Bob Howard

Just a note to let you all know about a new book on this subject recently added to the
Permaculture Activist
mailorder list

Sustainable Agriculture and Resistance: Transforming Food Production in Cuba, edited
by Fernando Funes, Luis Garcia, Martin Bourque, Nilda Perez, and Peter  Rosset, 2002,
307pp,  $19 (from Permaculture Activist, PO Box 1209, Black Mountain, NC 28711), Cuban
researchers describe a successful nation-scale conversion to organic agriculture after
their economy kicked the petroleum "habit" cold-turkey in 1991. Detailed thorough, and
amazing with valuable lessons  for the U.S. and the world.

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