[permaculture] (fwd) Turning the world upside down: Genetic

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Wed Jul 3 11:59:39 EDT 2002

> Subject:      Turning the world upside down
> the article below, from the india together website, focuses on
> Lakshmi and the work of the Deccan Development Society (DDS) -
> an organisation which, as the article says, "is turning ecologically-
> smart, people-centred agriculture into living reality, and
> demonstrating daily that high-technology, capital-intensive farming
> is unnecessary and inappropriate for hundreds of millions of the
> world's poorest people."  maybe a bit long to read, but a quite nice
> example for SUSTAINability

I read the following article with great interest. The DDS organised the 
first Pc Design Course in India in 1987 which I co-taught with Bill 
Mollison (where the mandala garden was invented). Dr Venkat set up a PC 
demonstration farm on DDS land following the course and trained the 
Sangham women in permaculture, instigated a kitchen garden programme, 
medicine gardens, seed banks, community forestry and a plethora of other 
initiatives. For those who've seen the Global Gardener video, Venkat and 
the DDS farm at Pastapur were featured in the section on the tropics.

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