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> At least in Bussiness week, possibly Wired?
> M
> At 10:29 AM 7/1/02 -0500, you wrote:
>> mark:  where have you seen references to this?  is there anything on the net?
>> Mark wrote:
>> I am watching the rebuilding of Ford motor
>>> company's river rouge plant in Michigan with particular interest as it will
>>> be the largest living roof in the world once completed and have a huge
>>> living machine water treatment system.  This is the kind of project that
>>> will take sound design to the next level precisely because bean counters
>>> will scrutinize it and the Wall Street Journal will report on it.
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William McDonough is the architect (usually written "visionary architect")
behind the rebuilding/greening of the huge Ford plant near Detroit (My
father was an auto exec, so I toured it a few times as kid: coal and ore in
one end, cars out the other). It's been written up in Wired
 and Wall Street Journal, lots of places. Another link for the story is at
McDonough's site:

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