[permaculture] Fw: Robert Harts Garden

Graham Burnett grahamburnett at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Jul 1 12:54:42 EDT 2002

Susanne- I am not sure what the situation is regarding Robert's Forest
Garden, I'll forward your request to the Permaculture list so hopefully
somebody will have something up to date...


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From: "Susanne Völlm" <s.voellm at gaia.de>
To: <gburnett at unisonfree.net>
Sent: Monday, July 01, 2002 11:34 AM
Subject: Robert Harts Garden

> Hello there!
> I found your mailaddress via internet where you published an articel about
> Robert Harts garden. Do you know by any chance wether it is possible to
> it? Who is taking care of the garden after Roberts death and where exactly
> it located? I can not find an address, so I suppose it is not  open to the
> public?
> Thanks for taking time to answer
> Susanne, Germany

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