[permaculture] Open letter to the Australian permaculture movement

Rick Valley bamboogrove at cmug.com
Mon Jul 1 03:42:15 EDT 2002

I don't know if anyone has noticed, but Robert Kourik said in "Designing and
maintaining Your Edible Landscape Naturally" that permaculture is not really
applicable to U.S. conditions. Meaning, I think, that most of us in the US
are lucky to be able to afford ANY land at all; he figured a suburban lot
was not really permaculture, I guess.
But Bill included urban applications in what he presented us in '86, and I
began teaching with an urban intro 8-session class. One pdc participant,
Oliver Kellhammer, has a good batch of urban material he presents; (did you
know that tropical Asian mynahs have been established in Vancouver BC for
many decades? They nest in neon signs.) Another PDC participant went home to
Toronto and began specializing in rooftop garden design.
I've had teachers from elsewhere in the world tell me that their students
don't interrupt with questions and contributions as the students in N.
America do; whatever, I have to respond to what my class participants are
concerned with, or I'm dead meat. We always seem to have a group that are
not interested in rural applications. And I run into people that think Pc is
"interesting, but I live in an apartment" much less often lately.
The great urban material in Permaculture Magazine (UK) is one reason I
subscribe to it.
I think I'll even move back to town...

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