[permaculture] Looking for Practical Designs for Timber-based Summer structures

Mark Ludwig mpludwig at facstaff.wisc.edu
Thu Feb 28 22:35:44 EST 2002

At 07:59 PM 2/28/02 -0500, you wrote:
>We have access to plenty of green and dried locust to work with, but not a 
>lot of cash right now.

A word to the wise, this stuff DN rot cuz it's pretty darn toxic.  Not like 
heavy metal green treated but blood clotting natural agents.  Wear a mask 
when you saw it up and clean up the saw dust.  I think casual contact will 
be OK.

>I need to set up a good sized summer kitchen (serving up to 30 people), 
>privacy stalls for two showers, and a couple of privacy stalls for 
>self-contained composting toilets.

Depends how sturdy and private you need.  Locust won't rot for decades so 
you can set the posts right in the ground.  Frame it up with poles, cover 
with canvas?  Check construction dumpsters if possible, you will be amazed 
what's available.

>I'm also looking for suggestions for managing dishwashing and food storage 
>in a summer kitchen.

Plastic totes, 5 gal plastic pails (check resturaunt recycling bins) or 
food grade 55 gal drums for food.  Plastic dish pans to was in?  Old 
kitchen sinks turn up in those dumpsters.

>(I'm thinking of this kitchen as having a long counter that holds a wash 
>sink and a wood stove at cook height and provides a serving surface. Could 
>be weather-proofed with canvas, I assume)

plenty of counter top is good, can't see serving off the stove if thats 
what you mean, those pups get mighty hot.  Might want some fire proof wall 
board around the stove; canvas really burns well.

>I'm probably looking for the sort of stuff that ws standard in Forest 
>Service and Boy Scout camps 50 years ago.

Check for army surplus tents, $100 can go a long way there.
Mark Ludwig

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