[permaculture] Looking for Practical Designs for Timber-based Summer structures

Allan Balliett igg at igg.com
Thu Feb 28 19:59:19 EST 2002

We have access to plenty of green and dried locust to work with, but 
not a lot of cash right now.

I need to set up a good sized summer kitchen (serving up to 30 
people), privacy stalls for two showers, and a couple of privacy 
stalls for self-contained composting toilets.

I'm also looking for suggestions for managing dishwashing and food 
storage in a summer kitchen. (I'm thinking of this kitchen as having 
a long counter that holds a wash sink and a wood stove at cook height 
and provides a serving surface. Could be weather-proofed with canvas, 
I assume)

I'm probably looking for the sort of stuff that ws standard in Forest 
Service and Boy Scout camps 50 years ago.

Our site is in Loudoun County, Virginia.


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