[permaculture] Shaping the Future of Plants For A Future

Richard Morris webmaster at pfaf.org
Thu Feb 28 16:30:30 EST 2002

Plants For A Future will be holding a two day workshop on the
6th/7th of April entitled
"Shaping the Future of Plants For A Future"
which will be held at our Blagdon Cross Site in North Devon.

The workshop is intended to bring together all those interested
in helping Plants For A Future in the next stage of its development
as we start our educational program in Woodland Gardening,
Vegan-Organic horticulture, the use of perennial plants and 
a sustainable way of life.

The workshop will feature a talk by Ken Fern, a site tour by 
Jim Retallack and a discussion about our future plans where input is
most welcome. Hopefully there will also be evening entertainment
and there will also be space for others to hold their own sessions.

We have quite an ambitious program of events being planned for the 
coming year. Plans are still being finalized but some of the events
planned include:
	WET Systems With Jay and Clara from Biologic designs
	Pond Creation			"             "
	Plant Nutrition With Sho & Dao	August 3 Days
	Woodland Gardening With Steve Nutt
	Clay Oven with Andrew Seall	
	SW Permaculture Convergence	
	Woodland Management	
	Green Woodworking
	Environmental Fundraising
	Community Structures with Alex Begg

We're going to need quite a bit of help to stage all these events
and we're looking for people with a wide range of skills:
   -    Course leaders who would like to run a course
   -    Site crew to get the site up and running
   -    A JCB digger driver to construct a car park and lake
   -    caterers to provide tasty vegan nosh
   -    Gardeners and plant experts to help construct our
                demonstration gardens
   -    Admin workers to run the office
   -    web developers to redesign our renowned website
   -    Horticural workers to get our unique plant catalogue
        up and running
   -    People interested in researching the useful properties of plants

If your interesting in help pfaf in any way or would like to work
in conjunction with us then the 6th and 7th April 
will be an ideal time to come along.

	Hope to see you there.

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