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Jerome Osentowski jerome at crmpi.org
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Coin,  Neem has been used Medicine for quite some time.  Small sticks are 
used to clean gums and for tooth problems.  I have been using Ayurvedic
formaula toothpast  for 15 years, and have made tintures from neem leaf and
used it for a number of things.  A German study showed it effect for the
treatement  of herpes.  The tooth past clears up all your gum problems .
The seed are only viable for a few weeks.   It can be grown from cuttings,
and  You can graft wood from one tree onto another to help with cross
polenation.  If you can not use neem, I suggest you try Spilanthes
asterpaceae,  I grow it here in my greenhouse  as an annual,  the plant is
anti viral, bacterial, fungal, microbial used as a prophyactic against
malaria, It makes a stimulating  and decay-fighting mouthwash, fights herpes
sores an tonifies the gums.  It is also a topical pain killer.  great for
 in your mouth or anythere elese.  great for insect bites, because it takes
away the sting, and kills any viral transfered by the insect.  I have over
three gal. of the suff tintured for sale this spring.  The plant is very
easy to grow and can be eaten fresh , leave in salads or the bud if you want
your whole mouth to go num.   for seed and more info write: Horizon Herbs
P.O. Box 69 Williams, Or  97544-0069   541 846 6704  They have a great
cataloge for med. herbs.

One thing I got, out of all that talk  on lice, is that I will be sure to
add a tinture or oil to take of those  critters in our new traveling herb
kit we plan to put together and market in the spring.
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>From: Colin Endean <kunmanara at mpx.com.au>
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> Scratching my head for information....
> Melaleuca alternifolia - native australian bush medicine, the oil
> commercially distilled from plantation grown trees, marketed as Tea Tree
> Oil.  Active as an antifungal and other antimicrobial activity.  I'm
> unfortunately allergic to this oil extract having previously used it as
> antiseptic for cuts etc. Probably quite considerably well researched for
> human efficacy by now as I recall some studies underway 20 years ago.
> Azadirachta indica - Neem Tree.  I've no experience personally, however
> I understand to be fairly potent insecticide activity.  I'd want to be
> assured that it is safe for human use before recommending use.  Plant
> source extracts can still be toxic.
> Melia azaderach - native to australia "white cedar" deciduous, purported
> to have similar activity to neem tree.
> Colin
> "Lawrence F. London, Jr." wrote:
>> tea tree = neem tree = melaleuca
>> all the same plant - the tea tree oil I buy here is from
>> sustainably managed plantations in Australia
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