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Neem is from India - but can be grown in suitable places elsewhere. We did
not have much luck here with the seed from Sri Lanka. I think seed sourced
from Nepal would be more suitable for us.
Tea tree can be either Australian (Melaleuca) or New Zealand (Leptospermum)
For head lice, when my younger daughter had an infestation that kept
returning over a 3 month period, I finally went to chinese herbalist, who
had studied the old texts (not the modern teachings). He made up a brew. I
only applied it once and she has never been troubled again.
Once she was rid of them I made up a mix of Australian tea tree  with water
in a mister bottle. Each morning before school she would give herself a
quick spray. This seemed to work well as a preventative.(but I think neem or
leptospermum would have done as well).
Later she came out of school and used correspondence education instead. We
did not need prevention either then!
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> > keller wrote:
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> > > >   Another kids problem that many of us have to contend with,
> > > > especially if they are school goers, is head lice. Has anybody any
> >
> > > I heard that Neem tree is used agains head and body lice as well as
> scabies.
> > > I don't know exactly, but I think the fruits are used. Maybe somebody
> here
> > > knows more. This tree is used to make an insecticide, and is
> traditionally
> > > used in India against lice and scabies mites. I heard it is very
> effective.
> > >
> > > The tree comes from India, but it also grows in Africa and probably
> > > elsewhere (unfortunately not here in Germany).
> >
> > Tea Tree = Neem Tree
> I am not sure. I thought Tea Tree is an Australian species. Neem is from
> India. Is it really the same??
> Anyway, searching with google for "Neem Tree" alone or in combination with
> "lice" "scabies" "insecticide" etc. turns up a lot of stuff.
> Andreas
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