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hi everyone
         here is a listing of Permaculture Courses submitted to Hopedance 
for the next issue FOOD Mar/Apr 2002
not all the courses where listed in the issue because of space and the date 
of the courses , the courses not listed in this issue will be in the next 
one FOOD Part 2 May/June 2002.
                         thanks for submiting wes roe Santa Barbara 
Hopedance Editor

NOTE to List Permaculture Courses
Publisher Bob Banner of Hopedance has graciously provided space for the 
listing of Permaculture Courses please consider taking a subscription to 
the Hopedance  Magazine www.hopedance.org to support the magazine when you 
submit Permaculture Courses to be listed. Please send listings to Wes Roe 
lakinroe at silcom.com

Permaculture Discussion Group to Cover Permaculture Principles and 
Practises in Santa Barbara CA
This will be an interactive meeting showing video covering many parts of a 
lecture series on Permaculture Design by Bill Mollison one of the founders 
of Permaculture , audio tapes, other Permaculture Videos, slides and 
discussion each month.
For more info and directions contact Margie Bushman 962-2571 or email 
sbpcnet at silcom.com.We will be setting up meetings again .

Permaculture Discussion Group Meetings in Downtown San Diego Ca
Contact San Diego Permaculture Center sdecc at igc.org (619) 298-8879
Permaculture Talks lead by Marcia Boruta followed by a walk and discussion 
around the immediate community

Introductory Permaculture (PC) classes East County San Diego
The newly-formed East County Permaculture Circle (ECPC) of San Diego
The East County Permaculture Circle was launched January 5 by a group of 15
East County residents. It is intended to be a study/do group that meets
once/month for classes, and in between at members' houses to help each other
with PC projects in "barn-raising" fashion. We are currently evaluating a
number of PC-learning options such as instructors/lecturers, Internet
(distance-learning) courses, videos, books, discussion groups, etc.
Send the following to bslind at earthlink.net: Your name, address, tel#, email
address ... and a short bio (<100 words)telling about your background,
interest/experience in permaculture and anything else of interest to other
ECPS/class participants.

Local Permaculture Workshops in 2002 in Santa Barbara
After a very successful Permaculture Workshop with Larry Santoyo Larry 
Santoyo and Betsy Gallery are planning a series of workshops over the year 
that will take place in urban backyard. There was a great article on the 
Workshop in Newspress called Permacultural Revolution Thurs Jan 17 with a 
great write up explaining permaculture by Larry Santoyo and Betsy.
Contact Betsy Gallery at bgallery at cox.net (805) 963-2878.

March 10. - 15. 2002 The Secrets to Making Money and Making a Difference ­ 
A Course on Holistic Financial Planning and Socially Responsible Investing
We can teach you how to make money and make a positive difference in the 
world. Come learn how to plan your finances and invest profitably in a way 
that reflects your values and builds a sustainable world. There is 
currently $2.2 trillion invested in a socially responsible manner! We can 
help you be a part of this exciting revolution. Learn how to choose good 
companies and avoid the bad. Invest to enhance the health of your community 
and support those in need. Opportunities abound for uniting profits and 
principles ­ this class will show you how! You can make money by helping 
restore the planet and by engaging with your community! You too can make 
sound financial decisions that are also socially and environmentally 
beneficial ­
Facilitators: Christopher Peck & Michael Kramer. $500.
For info www.permaculture-hawaii.com/events.htm or call 808-965-0178

March 17. - 23. 2002How To Save the World By Teaching Permaculture ­ Hawaii
An Advanced Permaculture Teachers’ Training Course
This Permaculture Teacher’s Course introduces a revolutionary new way of 
teaching permaculture ­ we apply the principles of permaculture to the 
teaching of permaculture. We will cover every aspect of being an exciting 
and effective educator.
The powerful teaching techniques you will learn in this course were gleaned 
from years of permaculture teaching wisdom from experienced permaculture 
teachers around the globe.
The prerequisite for this course is a certified Basic Permaculture Design 
Course. Course attendees will be eligible for Permaculture Teacher 
Facilitators: Christopher Peck & Michael Kramer. $700
For info www.permaculture-hawaii.com/events.htm or call 808-965-0178

Living Systems Design I: Permaculture & Sustainable Systems for Urban
Communities Seattle, WA
four weekends; Saturdays & Sundays from 9:00-5:00.
*March 16th & 17th and 23rd & 24th; *April 20th & 21st; *May 18th & 19th.
Where: The Mountaineers, 300 Third Avenue West, Seattle, WA 98119
Tuition: $1000 (includes all fees, in-class instructional materials, and 
For more information and to register on-line, visit our website at 
www.lsdg.net or call us at 206-546-3119.

April 19 - 28, 2002 PC Fundamentals: Harper, TX (near Kerrville)
Learn to heal damaged infrastructure in your community, to heal the land, 
to use economic strategies for sustainable rural and urban lifestyles, to 
garden and farm to feed your family , plus much more
Completion of the Fundamentals Course is a prerequisite for the Design 
Practicum Course
Completion of both courses fulfills the requirement for the Permaculture 
Design Certicate
Cost $500  Patricia Allison, Dick Pierce, Martha Leach, Gary Freborg
Contact: Martha Leach - 830-864-4174 or mjshtx at yahoo.com or Kathryn 
512-441-2009 kstevens at ktc.com

April 28th to May 12th 2002 Permaculture Design Course Leavenworth, WA USA
World renowned permaculture instructors Michael Pilarski, Bruce Hill, and 
Penny Livingston will be teaching
The main purpose of the course is to impart permaculture principles and 
methodologies which can be applied anywhere in the world. Through lecture, 
slide shows, discussion, observation, field trips and hands-on activities, 
permaculture design students will develop the practical skills and 
knowledge to design and implement sustainable systems that are in harmony 
with the natural world. We will cover hundreds of crops which can provide 
family needs or cash income. Medicinal herbs will be a major focus.
For details visit: http://www.friendsofthetrees.net/tierra/tpdc.html
Contact: Ben Berkman & Amanda Carr 12000 Sunitsch Canyon Rd. Leavenworth, 
Wa 98826
(509) 548-3225 or (509) 548-6880 tierrapermaculture at hotmail.com

Dates: 29 avril - 12 mai 2002 Permaculture Design Course (in french)
Location: Rougemont, Québec, Canada
Instructor: Grégoire Lamoureux & guests
Contact:: Ketty St-Fleur, Nature-Action Québec:
(450) 441-3899   info at nature-action.qc.ca

Application with references is required by June 1st. $2000 (camping, meals, 
materials, & tuition)
by July 15th)
August 10-18 PERMACULTURE DESIGN PRACTICUM - Part 2 of the Permaculture
Design Course. Work in teams to design homesites and neighborhoods at 
Earthaven Ecovillage.$600
August 29 - September 2 WOMEN'S WORK: CREATING
SUSTAINABLE FUTURES - Patricia Allison, Mollie Curry. $250
October 20-25 Permaculture Teacher's Training Open to graduates of the Pc 
Design Course. $375
Write: Culture's Edge, 1025 Camp Elliott Road,
Black Mountain NC 28711-8628. Phone: (828) 669-3937 or (828) 669-0619. 
E-mail:culturesedge at earthaven.org.

May 24 - June 1, 2002 PC Fundamentals: The FARM, Summertown, TN
Cost $600 Instructors: Patricia Allison, Albert Bates, Siswe Herring, and 
Contact: ecovillage at thefarm.org or 931-964-4324

May 26th-June 9th, 2002 Permaculture Design Course  Hummingbird Ranch, 
Mora, New Mexico
Instructor Scott Pittman and others
Cost: $990 (includes course tuition, tent site, hot showers, and three 
healthy meals per day
For More Information or to Register, http://cocreativeculture.com/pc.htm
Call 800-336-3493 (toll free) Please Register Early ­ Space is Limited.

June 1-15 2002 Permaculture Design Course Garberville Ca
With Penny Livingston-Stark,Brock Dolman, James Stark & Starhawk
Fee $950 includes camping accommodation and meals
Permaculture Institute of Northern California
P.O Box Pt. Reyes Ca 94956
(415)- 663-9090 info at permacultureinstitute.com www.permacultureinstitute.com

June 10 - 22, 2002 Permaculture Design Course Winlaw, British Columbia, Canada
  \Description: This is the basic permaculture design course covering
the principles & techniques of permaculture design. The course
includes lectures, discussions, hands-on, slide shows, field trips & design 
Instructors: Gregoire Lamoureux & guests
Contact: Kootenay Permaculture Institute: (250) 226-7302 spiralfarm at yahoo.com

June 9 - 16, 2002 Build Here Now 2002
The Fourth Annual Natural Building & Permaculture Convergence  At the Lama 
Foundation Taos County, New Mexico
co-sponsored by The Last Straw Journal, The Lama Foundation & The 
Permaculture Institute
Lodging options: At Lama, yurt with beds or loft space can accommodate up 
to 15 (first come, first served; stipulate this arrangement on your 
registration; bring your own bedding or sleeping bag)... RV and tent sites 
on the grounds for 100 campers. Hotels are available in Taos and Questa (at 
additional cost).
Cost: Before May 1, 2002, $475; after May 1, $575 for the 7-day event. 
Children 5-16 half price (childcare not provided). Per day participation is 
$100. Cost includes three vegetarian meals per day and on-site lodging.
Travel Information: The Albuquerque airport is three hours from the site. 
Carpooling and shuttle service will be available. For more information, 
contact the Lama Foundation at (505) 586-1269 or see 
To be placed on a list to receive info <catherinew at zianet.com> Please note 
that participation is limited to 100 people.

June 7 - 23, 2002 PC Design Course [Stand-alone Fundamentals course, June 7 
- 16]:
Lafayette, LA $ Sliding Scale - TBA Instructors: Patricia Allison and 
others Contact:
Jamie Harson, 337-984-9794 or miharso at cs.com

August 19 to September 1, 2002 Permaculture Design Course Basalt, Colorado
The CRMPI Annual Permaculture Design Course (APDC) is designed to give the 
participant an understanding of the essential parts of permaculture so that 
they can better design and engineer forest gardens, greenhouses, and other 
permaculture endeavors. During the first week you will learn about the 
essential elements of permaculture. Then in the second week you will be 
putting the knowledge in action with a full spectrum design project. 
Whether you're a designer, a veteran Permaculturist, or a gardener
Instructors: Peter Bane, Earthhaven,Jerome Osentowski, Director CRMPI, John 
Location - The course is held at our high altitude demonstration site, one 
of the most mature forest gardens in North America. It is located on Basalt 
Mountain, surrounded by ridgelines covered with forests and red sandstone. 
This site makes a beautiful and inspiring location for teaching and 
learning. All ideas covered in the Course can be witnessed on site with a 
stroll through the garden. It helps create immediate learning connections 
when everything learned can be seen working in action.
Cost: $1000, sliding scale, $100 non-refundable deposit$50 discount for 
registration by June 30, $100 couples discount
Contact: The Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute PO Box 631, 
Basalt, Co 81621 Ph/Fx: 970-927-4158
jerome at crmpi.org --- www.crmpi.org

August 5-9 Starting & Sustaining Intentional Communities -
Do you dream of establishing a land-based intentional community? This 
course is designed to help you actualize that dream. Presentations and 
exercises will cover such topics as how to find land and finance a 
purchase; legal forms available for holding land; organizing as a 
"for-profit" or a "non-profit," group decision making process; finding 
like-minded people; financial organization; legal and insurance issues; 
dealing with local zoning and regulations; and long-term planning. We'll 
have extensive tours of the Sowing Circle community and OAEC's educational 
center. Instructors: Dave Henson, Adam Wolpert, and Guests; Residential, 
meals included. March: $350 ($300); August: $600 ($525)
Contact: OAEC 15290 Coleman Valley Road, Occidental, CA 95465; (707) 
874-1557 x.201; oaec at oaec.org ; website www.oaec.org/

MAIL ADDRESS: 50 Crystal Waters MS 16 Maleny QLD 4552 AUSTRALIA
PHONE AND FAX: +61 0(7) 5494 4833
EMAILS: info at permaculture.au.com info at crystalwaterscollege.org.au
WEBSITES: www.permaculture.au.com www.crystalwaterscollege.org.au

Online Permaculture Course Expanded March 15 2002
Elfin Permaculture has added another 6-month segment to its online course to
accommodate more students and to reduce the time one must wait for a new
course cycle to begin. Willem Smuts of South Africa will lead a course March
15 to Sept. 15, 2002. Dan Hemenway, course founder and designer, will lead
the course beginning Sept. 15, 2002.
For more detail, visit http://barkingfrogspc.tripod.com/frames.html to review
or download the course protocol, the course reading list, and the course
assignment schedule.

International Permaculture Conference (IPC7?) to be held in New Zealand
Permaculture in New Zealand(formerly Permaculture Institute of New Zealand)
PO Box 56-107 Dominion Road AucklandInt 64+ 7 8666735 www.permaculture.org.nz
Contact: Joanna Pearsall pinz at eartheal.org.nz
We have now established a convening group to hold an International 
Conference (IPC7?)
This is planned for February 2003 in Auckland.We are working very fast to 

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