[permaculture] Bioserfdom was: Brake Fern (pteris vittata) removes arsenic from soil

Rex Teague DibbleGardens at bigfoot.com
Mon Feb 25 13:09:33 EST 2002

On 24 Feb 02, John Schinnerer wrote:

> I hear ya Lawrence, but it's been happening for years now -
> "biopiracy" patenting of native medicinals in the Amazon for the
> profit of mulitnational pharmaceuticals, a man having a bit of his
> biology patented *by someone else* for medical industry profit he gets
> none of, etc. etc. ad nauseum.

RAFI has renamed itself as ETC ie "action group on Erosion, 
Technology and Concentration".

Go to http://www.rafi.org/key_defs.asp and scroll down to "New 
Enclosures" under "Concentration" for an update on new mechanisms 
for corporate control.

Or: http://www.rafi.org/documents/NewEnclosuresFinal.pdf

Cheerio... Rex

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