[permaculture] Worms

David Holmgren & Su Dennett holmgren at netconnect.com.au
Sun Feb 24 03:10:15 EST 2002

Andreas, if it is worms you need to get rid of, black walnut tincture 
is excellent. My kids all had persistent worm problems and I tried so 
many things including pumpkin seeds, garlic, homeopathics etc all to 
no avail or only very temporary results. Quassia bark was another 
recommendation that I didn't try. I am told that the gut needs a 
particular ph and I use apple cider vinegar in the goats'feed every 
day and for the chickens periodically so have found that to be an 
excellent preventative. But black walnut tincture is the most potent 
remedy I have ever used, Available from the naturopath or Chinese 
herbalist (in Australia)

  Another kids problem that many of us have to contend with, 
especially if they are school goers, is head lice. Has anybody any 
experience with sulphur supplementation to repel these critters? I 
use sulphur for both goats and poultry with excellent results. Too 
much hair washing must remove the natural pest repellents in the 
hair(newly washed hair seems to be heaven) and sulphur deficiency in 
soils and therefore vegetables may be a contributor to our headlice 
infestations. I haven't got the opportunity to verify if sulphur 
works on humans(kids now past this stage) as it does for livestock 
but I would really like to know.

  Cheers,Su Dennett
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