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Jerome Osentowski jerome at crmpi.org
Sun Feb 24 12:09:29 EST 2002

Jeffrey,  Yes that site was hopeful, but before you surf too high I suggest
you fix up  a safety net.  We should ask ourselves why permaculture has not
reached the mainstream ?.  I know from my one experience working at this
level with the golf course project.   I have had a couple of opportunities
at useing the bio-Island concept on other  developement, but, for one reason
or another the developer did not choose to go in this direction.
Mostly it was a bottom line desision.  I have heard of other simmilar
efforts on other courses, so they is some interest in this diretion,  It
will be a slow process to make this change.  Look at the example of Village
Homes in Davis.  Do you see these types of
developements poping up anywhere, even after 20 years? More bottom line....
How makes the $  if no one moves out of the development.  Not the morgage co
, title co. ,the contractor, and for sure the land pimp that will sell you
the new home ...

In many of the green consulting businesses you will also find more bottom
line activity. Most of the people doing pc design actually get their hands
on a regular basis, we spend some time testing out our ideas , or at least
we should be.  It would be great if the folk in these high end ,think tanks,
would value our work,and include us in some of their projects, but I have
not found that to be the case.  My personal experience is that these
organizations like to coop the ideas rename them, and sell the info to the
highest bidder, and use the profits to support their own organization. I
think most lack a code of ethics,  I think that permaculture would be
willing to loan them the ones we have . ie Care of the People, Care of...
without charge, save them the trouble of recreating their own.

This list service  could be a vehicle to start developeing a team of
designers to do large scale projects.  A few weeks ago the MUM unicersity in
Fairfield IA.  contacted me regarding a grant proposal from the USAID that
wanted to develope a program  in central Africa , in sustainable ag. and
creating sustainable livelihoods, the project fit very closely into our
experience.   However their was not enough time to work up the proposal ,
get a team ready, ect.  We as a group could be thinking about the next round
of projects like this.  The MUN university has staff to write the proposal
all we need to do is come up with the  programs , and ideas.  I have a large
library that I put together for the  Nicaragua demo farm.  There are many
others like ECOH in Ft Myers, Fla.  Ovserstory, ect that
could get involved.  If we are going to  get the jobs at this level, we will
have to do some homework , work together  to develope a team and programs
and be ready for the next round ; we may need several teams for different
regions. --

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>Subject: [permaculture] Re: Corporate pc?
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> Jeffrey wrote:
>>>Could this be a significant example of pc at the corporate
> architectural level?
>>> http://www.guardian.co.uk/Archive/Article/0,4273,434373...
> Thanks for that posting Jeff - reading that was the high point of my
> morning surf :)))))))
> So even the Ford Motor Co is waking up to the fact that its easier to
> work with nature rather than against it.
> Examples like that really show that people have far more in common
> than they have differences - all that's needed is the time to sit
> down, work out the common goals and objectives and then share
> information. They will listen if one speaks the corporate language (eg
> yield, benefits, resource auditing, 'profit' centers, etc)
> Ironically, PC often talks in those terms anyways!
> The catch cry of the 'green business' movement could be "Do good while
> your doing well!"
> Marcus
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