[permaculture] Worms eat my crap? & more

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Georg,  I was also suprised to find worms at the bottom of our spring house
when cleaning it out after a rain, in the mud and silt under three feet of
water.  This water comes into the house and is used for general use .  We
have developed another spring for our dirnking water, which consists of a
pipe in the ground where the spring water flow out, under a large Juniper,
with a ground cover
of mind.  This is truly living water, and I have been dirinking from this
spring for 26 years.   jerome
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>> Yes . Worms require aerobic conditions.
> propably true for any compost worm (since compost requires
> aerobic conditions too), there are earthworms that thrive in
> boggy conditions in western australia. in a bog, way out in the
> bush in a forest clearing near the south-western coast - so boggy
> it stank when you shoved a shovel in, and the hole filled
> immediately with water - i found worms - looked like a true earth
> worm, only a little more pale, and huge: thick as a thumb and up
> to 50cm long. and sorta sluggish in their movements, nothing like
> a red wriggler. but lots of them.
> georg
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