[permaculture] Re: Corporate pc?

1earth permaculture permaculture1 at start.com.au
Sat Feb 23 23:10:31 EST 2002

Jeffrey wrote:
>>Could this be a significant example of pc at the corporate
architectural level?
>> http://www.guardian.co.uk/Archive/Article/0,4273,434373...

Thanks for that posting Jeff - reading that was the high point of my
morning surf :)))))))
So even the Ford Motor Co is waking up to the fact that its easier to
work with nature rather than against it.
Examples like that really show that people have far more in common
than they have differences - all that's needed is the time to sit
down, work out the common goals and objectives and then share
information. They will listen if one speaks the corporate language (eg
yield, benefits, resource auditing, 'profit' centers, etc)
Ironically, PC often talks in those terms anyways!
The catch cry of the 'green business' movement could be "Do good while
your doing well!"

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