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Amygdalin/e isn't poisonous in small doses, in fact it's beneficial to
respiration, digestion and a sense of well-being (from the ever useful
Plants for a Future database).  My experience comes from the numerous almond
trees of this region of France; I test each to find the sweet almonds (does
any one know what to do with bitter almonds?) and also from the numerous
sloe (Prunus spinosa) here, the fruits of which, once softened by frost, are
quite palatable.  Tea made from its leaves have the characteristics
described by Andreas - I wonder if sloe or bitter almonds would also have
the same effect upon intestinal worms.  If the amygdalin is the active
ingredient this would likely be true.

Comments anyone?


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Hi Keith,

> FYI amygdala translates as (from the Greek) an almond. Amygdaline is a
> (C20H27NO11) present in bitter almonds.

I don't think it contains that. It is not a poisonous plant. The name
probably referes to the shape of the leaves.

I have just tasted a piece of of the dried leaves (raw). It is bitter, but
not that bitter. The taste resembles green tea or oolong tea, something in
that direction. Quite nice.

> Keith
> keller wrote:
> > > Thanks for the info. re intestinal worms. Will look for the African
> > > herbal plant (though a botanical name would be a big help).
> >
> > Vernonia Amygdalina
> >
> > http://www.fao.org/ag/aga/agap/frg/Visit/Ida/Vernonia%20amygdalina.htm
> >
> > The vegetable Ndole is a domesticated variety. This is a widespread
plant in
> > Africa, but I don't know if it is easy to get elsewhere.
> >
> > http://jinrui.zool.kyoto-u.ac.jp/CHIMPP/CHIMPP.html
> >
> > Greetings
> > Andreas
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