[permaculture] Worms

Felicity Wright flickwright at ozemail.com.au
Thu Feb 21 05:38:21 EST 2002

georg parlow wrote:
> a deworming remedy out of chinese folk medicine that has worked
> for me in the past (gut worms from an imported mango, i sucked
> the inside of the skin just too lustfully) is pumpkin seeds: 1
> tablespoon chopped pumpkin seeds (i used pepitas, the styria
> hulles oilpumpkinseed) prior to every meal. did it.
> georg

Thanks for the info. re intestinal worms. Will look for the African
herbal plant (though a botanical name would be a big help).

Re - the pumpkin seeds: how many meals/days did you need to administer
the pumpkin seeds for it to work? (the kids will be very keen to know)


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