[permaculture] Worms eat my crap? & more

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflondon at mindspring.com
Tue Feb 19 23:19:49 EST 2002

Bryan Innes & Joanna Pearsall wrote:
> One thing I wanted to point out - the composting process and the worm
> > composting method are qualitatively different ways processing waste - that
> > is, one relies on the activity of micro-organisms, while the other relies
> on worms to eat the stuff and create worm droppings.

> Actually they are not that different.
> Compost works with micro-organisms. Worms do not eat anything other than
> micro-organisms, 

I thought they ate vegetable matter directly rather than waiting for it
to decompose
through microbial action.

> and they help the development of them too (Remember-

In what way do they do that?
1) add to the array of aerobic (or possibly anaerobic as well)
that break down organic matter
2) provide food (npk/micronutrients/pH moderation/moisture) for the
> Everything gardens!). It is still micro-organisms that are breaking down the
> organic matter.

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