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I don't think there is a book about pc in Africa. If you find anything, please post the information here.

One very good book on Agroforestry I can recommend is links: http://agroforester.com/overstory/ovbook.html

This is the book version of a free email journal you should also subscribe.

A very good source is the LEISA magazin. This is free on request for individuals and organisations in developing countries. It is about what they call low external input sustainable agriculture, and is to a great extent compatible with permaculture. Their web site is is http://www.ileia.org.

You can subscribe on the web (http://www.ileia.org/2/subscribe.html) or by sending an email to
subscriptions at ileia.nl. If you subscribe by email, you should  give them the following information:
Name (of organization)
Contact person
Street/PO Box
Postcode    Town
Telephone/Fax, if available.
Some back issues are available (I don't know if they give them for free) - the ones marked with x are out of print:
year volume/number out of print    name
1987    3/1                 x                 Integrated nutrient supply
            3/2                 x                 Diversity
            3/3                 x                 Microclimate management
            3/4                 x                 Livestock as part of the
1988    4/1                 x                 Mountain agriculture
            4/2                 x                 Towards sustainable
            4/3                                    Participatory Technology
            4/4                                    Enchancing dryland
1989    5/1                                    Discussion on sustainable
            5/2                                    Intensifying agriculture
in humid areas
            3/89               x                 Farmers' alternatives to
chemical pesticides
            4/89               x                 Local varieties
1990    1/90               x                 Local knowledge
            2/90               x                 Trees and farmers
            3/90               x                 Complementary use of
external inputs
            4/90               x                 Networking towars LEISA
1991   1&2/91                              Assesing farming techniques
           3/91                                   Learning for sustainable
           4/91                                   Searching for synergy
1992  1/92                 x                 Creating a health environment
          2/92                                    Let's work together
          3/92                                    Liverstock sustaining
          4/92                 x                 Whose energy?
1993  1/93                                    Keep rolling
          2/93                                    Cutting back on chemicals
          3/93                 x                 After the harvest
          4/93                 x                 A strong case of diversity
1994 10/1                  x                 A new look at information
         10/2                                     Caring for our land
         10/3                                     Wastes wanted
         10/4                  x                 Farming at close quarters
1995 11/1                                     Room for farmers
         11/2                                     Research and reality
         11/3                  x                 We love weeds
         11/4                                     Farmers facing change
1996 12/1                                     Mountains in balance
         12/2                                     More than rice
         12/3                                     Tracking change
1997 13/1                                     Forging partnerships
         13/2                  x                 Rejuvenate local knowledge
         13/3                                     Rebuilding lost soil
         13/4                                     Fighting back with IPM
1998 14/1                                     Challenging water scarcity
         14/2-3                                  15 years ILEIA
         14/4                                      Growing green and trading
1999 15/1-2                                  Finding common ground
         15/2-3              x                  Seeds for agrodiversity
2000 16/1                 x                   Communities combating
         16/2                                      Grassroots innovation
(also available in French)
         16/3                                      Farming in the forest
         16/4                                      Monocultures towards
2001 17/1                                      Coping with disaster
         17/2                                      Go global or stay local
         17/3                                      Lessons in scaling up
         17/4                                      GI- not the only option

Highly recommended.
Very good stuff on tropical pc and agroforestry seems to come out of Brazil (unfortunately most of it is in portugese). For example, LEISA Magazin 16/3 "Farming in the forest" contains a very interesting article on "analog agroforestry".

I think there are several permaculture groups in Malawi (see http://www.permacultureactivist.net/pcresources/Africa.htm#Malawi). You should find out where they are and contact them. 


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  Hello, I am young graduated in economics and I am looking for information/Documentation about permaculture in order to settle up a garden in a health center in Malawi (east Africa). The soils are poor, the staff will be malawian people and the budget low, .  I'm very interested in permaculture and all its associated technologies, I was wandering if there is a book with complete information about permaculture in Africa, any NGO or whatever information you would think would be of use for me.
  Thank you in advance for your time and advice.
  Kind regards 
  Alejandro Buitrago
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