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When I was searching for permaculture people in Cameroon, I found a hint on
Google. The page had gone, but was still in the google cache. It contained
the following text:

"At the GEN Americas office, at The Farm in Tennessee, the Ecovillage
Training Center (ETC) kicked off its 7th season with a short course in
Forest Mushroom Cultivation in February, a solar electric installers course,
its 11th Permaculture class in April and a Natural Buildings course in May;
and engaged in extensive communication with eager groups of Africans (Congo,
Ghana, Senegal, Cameroon) seeking apprentice positions with the ETC in 2000.
Schedule of courses: <http://www.thefarm.org/etc/index.html>"

This is the hint through which I found the pc people in Cameroon. Write to them. They might still have some contact information for Congo.

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  sorry cannot help with the places mentioned but wanted to check if you have 
  Petra Schneider at IDEP in Bali (Indonesia) as we spent some time with her recently and she is doing amazing things.
  If anyone has contacts in the Congo is there a way we could find out as my partner is from there and has a desire to return at some point 
  Sharon Champagne
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