[permaculture] Worms eat my crap? & more

keller ak.and.ak at on-line.de
Tue Feb 19 15:26:48 EST 2002

> be horrible for the worms. There is the issue of using human de-worming
> products and their likely impact on septic worms - and we've yet to find
> a herbal product that will work on the children. We've never checked the

In large parts of Africa a plant is used called "bitter leaf" (I think it is
the same as the plant called Ndole in Cameroon). I have seen it here in
Germany beeing sold in African shops as a vegetable. I have forgotten the
scientific name, but one should find it on the web. It is eaten as a
vegetable in Cameroon (a darl spinach-like leaf vegetable). In some other
parts of Africa it is only known as a
medicinal plant. It is used against stomach problems and is know to have a
de-worming effect, but I don't know which kinds of worms it is effective
against. It is a perennial bush that can be grown in agroforestry systems or
tropical home gardens. Chimpanzees have been observed eating it when they
have stomach problems, so maybe our common ancestors knew it already :-)
Might well be the oldest part of medical knowledge of humankind.


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