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Steve Diver steved at ncatark.uark.edu
Tue Feb 19 13:58:02 EST 2002

Ute Bohnsack wrote:

> Dear Lucienne,
> at http://www.permacultureactivist.net/pcresources/PcResources2.htm you will
> find some Central and South American PC contacts.
> And ATTRA has a listing of Sustainable Farming Internships And Apprenticeships
> at http://www.attra.org/attra-rl/intern.html, albeit I'm not sure if they cover
> South America. It's worth a check though.

Fyi, the ATTRA list is geared to United States, with a few listings in Canada.
ATTRA is funded to assist farmers and others in commercial agriculture
in the U.S.

Fyi, here is another big directory of training opportunities, from AFSIC:
It has an International section; Costa Rica is listed but it appears most of
the listing focuses on Europe and Australia.

Educational and Training Opportunities in Sustainable Agriculture
Alternative Farming Systems Information Center,
National Agricultural Library

Miguel Altieri is active with agroecological efforts in South America.

His page contains some core resources I like to use in classes
and refer people to.

Agroecology in Action

Especially see:

Agroecology: principles and strategies for designing
sustainable farming systems

It has some articles addressing agroecology in Latin America,
yet it may provide a starting point to contacts as well.

Multifunctional Dimensions of Ecologically-based Agriculture in Latin

Scaling up successful agroecological initiatives in Latin America and
the Caribbean

Steve Gliessman's group at UC Santa Cruz is another
valueable resource on agroecology.  This page is excellent,
especially see the principles and case studies.


For Latin America, check out:

International Agroecology Short Course for 2002 will be offered in
Turrialba, Costa Rica, from July 15 to 28, 2002

The Finca Loma Linda Agroecology Internship

Steve Diver

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