[permaculture] Growing most nutrition WAS propagating elderberries and FrontYard

Robert Waldrop rmwj at soonernet.com
Tue Feb 19 00:23:52 EST 2002

The fruit trees I planted last year, in the NW 21st front yard, make
kind of half an oval, with the open end facing the street.  I'm
thinking about using that as a basic design, with other plants on the
interior of the oval flowing out to the street. This thought just came
to me this evening, after reading the pages I found via the fruit tree
guild google search.

Being located in Oklahoma City, and not being in the habit of using
air conditioning, the shade will be welcome on the house.  3 years
ago, the two big elms provided a lot of shade for the house, now they
don't, so replacements are in order!

And I am looking forward to the visual delight.  Another thing
permaculture does is teach you the value of patience.

Robert in OKC

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From: Sharon Gordon <gordonse at one.net>
>If you put the fruit trees closer to the house, you could still get
most of
>the light
>on the lower growing things.  This would also give an extra benefit
>for the house.  If the trees are closer to the road, you might be
able to  grow
>more greens and lettuce in the summer between the trees and the house
by taking
>advantage of the shade.  This might get you a couple extra weeks of
>before they bolt.

>Many of the things that you are planting are very
>beautiful in bloom, so I bet your yard will be a visual delight.

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