[permaculture] Worms eat my crap?

Rex Teague DibbleGardens at bigfoot.com
Mon Feb 18 14:53:13 EST 2002

On 19 Feb 02, Pacific Edge Permaculture + M wrote:

> dowmus at ozemail.com.au
> www.dowmus.com
> Ph: International  - 61 7 5499 9828

Yes, I have devoured everything on this website! My query isn't 
covered there and was I hoping to get an independent opinion.

> See also: Mobbs M;  The Sustainable House; 1998, Choice Books,
> Australian Consumers Association, 57 Carrington Road, Marrickville,
> NSW 2204 Australia. ISBN 0 947277 48 X
>  www.choice.com.au

Thanks, I've just reserved it at a local library although I seem to recall 
from an article somewhere that they are not using a Dowmus 

Cheerio... Rex

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