[permaculture] Worms eat my crap? & more

Felicity Wright flickwright at ozemail.com.au
Tue Feb 19 09:13:04 EST 2002

Elijah Smith wrote:
> Anyway, I'm on a septic pit system with a flush toilet now, and one of these
> days I'm going to start by putting a wormbox underneath the toilet.  It will
> drain back to the septic pit, but the solids will be composted and used as
> potting soil or whatnot.  Down the road we'll get a wetlands processing the
> liquids.

Our septic pit got invaded by escapees from our worm farm. We could tell
this because they'd emerge from the drain in the shower from time to
time. We don't run our shower or washing machine into the septic any
more, only sink and toilet, so don't know what they're up to now. We
didn't/don't use many mainstream cleaning products (mainly bicarb and
vinegar) and certainly never put bleaches down the drains, as this would
be horrible for the worms. There is the issue of using human de-worming
products and their likely impact on septic worms - and we've yet to find
a herbal product that will work on the children. We've never checked the
septic in 3 years but presume it's doing fine with the worms. As we're
going to stop flushing into it, it might soon be time to investigate its
status. Maybe you could look at introducing some worms now.


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