[permaculture] Phenology resource list

Steve Diver steved at ncatark.uark.edu
Mon Feb 18 22:09:03 EST 2002

A second workshop I'm putting together is on phenology,
the cycles of nature.

In preparation, I have completely updated and expanded
the ATTRA phenology resource list on the web.

Phenology Web Links: (1) Sequence of Bloom, Floral Calendars,
What's in Bloom; (2) Birds, Bees, Insects and Weeds

To me, phenology dovetails really nicely with permaculture as
a multi-faceted medium for observing and connecting with nature as
well as monitoring ecological conditions such as pest emergence, etc.
Locally, we planted a roadside flower bed that doubled as a phenology
garden using a geotextile weed barrier to create a super low-maintenance

production bed.  It was 100' long and 10' wide, and included about 15
flats of wildflowers, herbaceous perennials, native prairie plants,
herbs, and annuals.
It was located on a rural, yet heavily traveled black top road.  It
as a roadside flower bed for beautification and aesthetics, a phenology
an herbary, a butterfly garden, a seed producing factory, a habitat for
and an insectary/refugia for moths, butterflys, and assorted insects, as
well as a demonstration garden all-in-one.  It remained on that site for
5 years.

Steve Diver

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