[permaculture] Worms eat my crap?

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Dowmus was operating in NZ, from Waiheke Island.
I will try to find the ref. for you.
If you insulate the barrel, then low temperatures can be avoided.
I think the Dowmus system works whit the "worm farm" underground, in which
case the temperature must remain fairly steady, Worms work best at about 24
C. but they are still active down to 10C- but a lot slower. I guess the
micro-organisms are not very active at that temp.
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> On 18 Feb 02, permed at nor.com.au wrote:
> > I think the composting toilet system you're refering to is the
> > Dowmus - it can be either a wet (flushing) or dry composting loo
> > and also takes greywater - the liquid drains out and leaves the
> > solids to be dealt with by worms - don't have any web references
> > sorry - It was a commercially available unit here in Australia -
> > changed ownership, went broke and recently someone told me they'd
> > started up again so I'm not really sure what their current status
> > is. Robyn
> My plan is to install such a system. Can you Robyn or maybe another
> Australian list member put me in touch with any Dowmus
> owners/users?
> Are they being used in Tasmania? My reservation is our cooler New
> Zealand - South Island temperate climate may slow the composting
> process excessively and the liquid content will turn it anaerobic. 8-]
> Cheerio... Rex
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