[permaculture] propagating elderberries

Graham Burnett grahamburnett at blueyonder.co.uk
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then select the particular variety you need information about


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From: Robert Waldrop <rmwj at soonernet.com>
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Subject: [permaculture] propagating elderberries

> Can anyone point me to some info on propagating elderberries?  I know
> someone who knows someone who has some growing here in Oklahoma, is
> willing to share, but none of us know how to go about it.  Can
> cuttings or prunings be rooted?  in sand?  water? When is the best
> time to do this?
> Went to a local nursery today, which grows its own stock, and picked
> up some new additions for our forest garden: 2 apricot trees, 1 peach
> tree, 1 papershell pecan tree, 4 edible perennial kale, 4 Navajo
> thornless blackberries, 4 gooseberries, 2 more fredonia grapevines,
> and 9 boysenberries.  Alas, they had no dewberries, which I am looking
> for but can't seem to find here locally.
> Robert Waldrop, OKc
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