[permaculture] Worms eat my crap?

John Schinnerer eco_living at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 18 16:05:11 EST 2002


I'll have to try adding "extra" worms to my pile...there are always
plenty volunteers that migrate in from below if there are any worms

As for smell, the easy way is to simply "cover your load" with carbon
material (as indicated in Humanure handbook).  My experience is there
won't be any smell, nor flies, etc..  "Cover your load" means really
cover it well, not just toss in a handful or cupful of carbon

Covering it seems easier to do (less material) in a 5-gal. bucket
"humanure book" receptacle than in a large vault-type receptacle, where
a large steep pile tends to form and the carbon material keeps sliding
off the top where the deposit is...

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