[permaculture] propagating elderberries

Loren Davidson loren at farwalker.com
Mon Feb 18 14:56:57 EST 2002

At 10:13 PM 2/17/02 -0600, Robert Waldrop wrote:

>A related aspect of this is what would a guild of elderberries look
>like.  Or where elderberries might fit into another guild, like the
>fruit trees I'm planting.

I have a book on California native shrubs; it mentions that elderberry is 
often found in the company of Western redbud here, a tall (10-20') 
deciduous N-fixer shrub.  I am currently trying that association out on my 
own property.

There is also an Eastern redbud.  Redbud has lovely-colored flowers in the 
spring and colored leaves in the fall; it would make a nice ornamental and 
mulch-producing plant, as well as possible animal forage on the seed 
pods.  I don't know what would eat redbud seed pods though.

Build soil,


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