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Keith Johnson keithdj at mindspring.com
Mon Feb 18 12:14:12 EST 2002

Here's some more potential contact info for Ali.
Moacir Bionda
 tel/fax + 926 54-4699
 e-mail: bionda at netium.com.br
 (Moacir is a widely-recognized specialist on Amazonian medicinal herbs)
 Contact for Ali Sharif of the Instituto de Permacultura de Amazonas :
 carlosmiller at buriti.com.br

André Soares
 Permaculture teacher in Projeto Novas Fronteiras de Cooperativismo
Ministério de Agricultura
 e-mail :evilasandre at pnfc.org
 Has given many courses around Brazil, contact in the federal government.
Marcio and I also worked
 in this program 1995 - 1997. He and colleagues are trying to bring
Permaculture into the federal
 agrotechnical schools, apparently ( hopefully!) with success.. For
publications in Portuguese
 (Brazilian magazine, translation of the Introduction, coursebook of André
Soares, etc.): Fernando
 Soares amaterra at nh.conex.com.br

 Permacultura America Latina' (Brazil)
 Amad Ali Sharif (president),biondo at netium.com.br
 and his friend Fernando Soares, amaterra at nh.conex.com.br
 other Brazilian email links: ipa at buriti.com.br
 evilasandre at pnfc.org

permed at nor.com.au wrote:

> Does anyone know the current email address for Ali Sharif - I have been
> asked to track him down by a mutual pc friend in India
> Robyn

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