[permaculture] PC workshop curricula and tips

Keith Johnson keithdj at mindspring.com
Mon Feb 18 11:40:38 EST 2002

Steve Diver wrote:

> If you have an hour to put on a permaculture workshop, what
> are some of the topics that you would present?

If I've only got a short time, I like to talk about the principles and
the process of integration of diversified systems (via zonation, etc.)
to reduce work. I focus on the function of perennials  and the
importance of managing water in the system.

> When talking to a group of farmers about permaculture
> on the farm, what are the key points that tie permaculture
> to the broadscale level vs backyard level. What makes
> permaculture interesting to farmers?  How can they use it?

Earthworks (keyline, ponds, swales, diversion drains, etc) for erosion
control and water (and fertility) management is my principle emphasis
with farmer clients. Addressing the functions of trees would also be
high on the list.

> Is there a place on the web that features permaculture workshop
> curricula?

Go to http://www.permacultureactivist.net/fundamentals/PcFundSyl.htm
for a syllabus of the Fundmentals course.

> Thanks.  I'm putting together a Pc workshop and I thought I'd
> ask for your advice and experience.
> Steve Diver
> Fayetteville, Arkansas

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