[permaculture] Worms eat my crap?

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This is not a fantastic drawing, but is the basic facts.
We have been using compost toilets for over 20 years. The addition of
compost worms has made the toilet much more efficient, and breaks down the
matter really fast. Temperature is important, but any work on worm farms
will give you all you need to know.
Joanna and Bryan.

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> Hello, everyone - I've been researching the use of worms to compost
> humanure - an idea layed out in a cool book I saw, but don't have, called
> Solviva.  This page is the only web link I can find with some info on
> Anyone else have any references to this sorta thing?  It's cool because
> really fast (1 month or so), you don't have to worry about compost pile
> management, which is sorta an art form, and supposedly it removes all
> nasties from the product.  In a flushing system, let the water run through
> to a sand filter/wetlands/etc.
>  Elijah
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