[permaculture] propagating elderberries

Robert Waldrop rmwj at soonernet.com
Sun Feb 17 23:13:59 EST 2002

This is nice to hear.  Since my space is limited, looks like I'll have
lots of opportunities, once things get going, to spread elderberries
around to my neighbors and etc.

I planted three elderberries last spring, which grew nicely through
the summer.  But my next door neighbor was doing some work this past
month, and his driveway is the border of the bed where I put the
elderberries.  And his workman basically stomped all over the area and
crushed the plants, so I don't know if they will come up in the
spring.  From what you say, though, maybe they're hardy enough to
survive that.

A related aspect of this is what would a guild of elderberries look
like.  Or where elderberries might fit into another guild, like the
fruit trees I'm planting.

The guild concept is pretty new to me, it finally came together as a
concept when I read the books Gaiai's Garden, a guide to home
permaculture and Permaculture in a nutshell, about a month ago.

Growing is a happy thing.  And the world could sure use some more
happy things these daze.

Robert Waldrop, OKC
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From: georg parlow <georg at websuxxess.com>
>> Can anyone point me to some info on propagating elderberries?
>to my experience it is more difficult to keep them from
>propagating than the other way around... alsas: take seeds (whole
>berries) and sow (best: on the surface in fall), or take root
>cuttings and plant - i would not be surprised to find out you can
>put a root through a blender and sow to get 179 tiny new plants.
>happy growin

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