[permaculture] propagating elderberries

Robert Waldrop rmwj at soonernet.com
Sun Feb 17 01:29:56 EST 2002

Can anyone point me to some info on propagating elderberries?  I know
someone who knows someone who has some growing here in Oklahoma, is
willing to share, but none of us know how to go about it.  Can
cuttings or prunings be rooted?  in sand?  water? When is the best
time to do this?

Went to a local nursery today, which grows its own stock, and picked
up some new additions for our forest garden: 2 apricot trees, 1 peach
tree, 1 papershell pecan tree, 4 edible perennial kale, 4 Navajo
thornless blackberries, 4 gooseberries, 2 more fredonia grapevines,
and 9 boysenberries.  Alas, they had no dewberries, which I am looking
for but can't seem to find here locally.

Robert Waldrop, OKc

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