[permaculture] Front yard Garden Design Contest

John Schinnerer eco_living at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 15 03:40:21 EST 2002


> I'd be interested in hearing what permaculturists in different 
> regions
> would do with this front yard if you wanted to make it as visually
> appealing to be in as these are...

I'm working on a small-lot urban design with my housemates (who own the
house) - front and back yards, in Seattle - eventually I'll start
documenting it on my site and when I do I'll post a note...fruit trees,
berries, perennial and annual veggies, herbs, and supporting plantings
plus composting setup, orchard mason bee blocks, etc.

It's probably a lot smaller space than these, but there will be a much
greater diversity of plants and most will have multiple outputs,
including food for people and/or critters.  A few existing ornamentals
will remain; most have at least some insectary/bird and/or visual
screening functions.

The contest winners all look pretty generic "mainstream" landscape
design aesthetic - which doesn't visually appeal to me all that much. 
There is a hint of forest in the corner of one of them that looks
inviting, though.

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