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we held 2 regional design courses at Dreamtime Village  (hour & a half
west of madison)  in 92 & 93  (back in the days when they were 17 day
long endurances tests)...   both courses attracted more than 25 folks.
there was a lot of interest back then, but surprisingly few people
seemed to know about it here in the hinterlands.


Foss _ wrote:

> Hi Kay, Keith, and allThere might be enough interest in and around
> Madison, WI to hold a regional PC design course.
> I'm willing to do some leg work to find out if there's enough interest
> to make it fly. The Midewest Permaculture Guild, Natural Building
> Group,  possibly Michael Fields and anyone else in the area that might
> be willing to sponsor.
> I'll start poking around sometime this week,
> Jeff
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> Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 21:19:57 -0500
> From: Keith Johnson <keithdj at mindspring.com>
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> Kay,
> Peter Bane and I taught Permaculture courses in Kalamazoo Mi.,
> Cincinatti. Oh, and Toronto Ont. but no plans for now to repeat any of
> these. We'd consider coming to your area to teach, but we'd need a
> local promoter to make it happen. I'm forwarding your inquiry to the
> Permaculture listserv and Dan Hemenway who teaches an online
> correspondence course.
> Keith Johnson
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> Dear Permaculture Activist Folks,    Is anyone in the Midwest doing
> /teaching Permaculture?  I'm in Iowa, and its a long way to CA or NC.
> Are there any Permaculture courses one can take by correspondence?
> Help!    Thanks, a Permaculture wannabe, Kay
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