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Kay,   Check out our 16th Annual pc design course here at CRMPI on our web
www.crmpi.org or
contact Dr Steve McLaskey or Dr. Mrielle Savard 641 472 7000 ext 5504  at
MUM in Fairfield
IA.   they have a very active pc group there and offer classes at the
university   jerome
Jerome Osentowski, Director
Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute
PO Box 631
Basalt, CO 81621   U.S.A.

Tel/fax (970) 927-4158    E mail: jerome at crmpi.org

For more information, please visit our web site at <<www.crmpi.org>>

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Peter Bane and I taught Permaculture courses in Kalamazoo Mi., Cincinatti.
Oh, and Toronto Ont. but no plans for now to repeat any of these. We'd
consider coming to your area to teach, but we'd need a local promoter to
make it happen. I'm forwarding your inquiry to the Permaculture listserv and
Dan Hemenway who teaches an online correspondence course.
Keith Johnson

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Dear Permaculture Activist Folks,   Is anyone in the Midwest doing /teaching
Permaculture?  I'm in Iowa, and its a long way to CA or NC.  Are there any
Permaculture courses one can take by correspondence?  Help!    Thanks, a
Permaculture wannabe, Kay F _______________________________________________
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