[permaculture] Front yard Garden Design Contest

Sharon Gordon gordonse at one.net
Sun Feb 10 18:49:17 EST 2002

Fine Gardening magazine challenged six regional designers to create
front yard gardens.  In my opinion 5 of the 6 gardens do a good job
of creating inviting, diverse, interesting gardens in this small space.
I am guessing that the main portion of the yard is 20x30 feet or
24x36 feet, and have written and asked for the dimensions.

The garden designs and one of the plant lists can be seen at
http://www.taunton.com/finegardening/pages/g00101.asp .
The print magazine has all six plant lists.  One of the
designs has a few human food plants.

I'd be interested in hearing what permaculturists in different regions
would do with this front yard if you wanted to make it as visually
appealing to be in as these are and also to produce as much human
food(or other useful items) as possible.

gordonse at one.net

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