[permaculture] The meagre harvest of yield

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Mon Feb 4 06:03:57 EST 2002

Received this email - perhaps there's someone on this list who can help 
this lady?
Please reply to her email address - Robyn

From:        melissa dodson, banjo1 at alltel.net
To:          permed at nor.com.au

Hello,  my name is Melissa Dodson.  I live in Southern Arkansas.  I have
been reading and researching self-sustainabilty.  I live on an 85 acre
farm and raise goats, poultry, and season vegetables.  I am looking for
guidance, consulting, etc... so that I can better understand ways
to become self-suffiecent.  I am currently searching for someone to
consult with on retrofitting
my home with passive solar design, solar water, etc....  I would like to
be able to grow most
of my food here year round with an attached greenhouse of some sort.  I
have been looking
at "solaroofgardens.com and was curious your opinion of their ideas.  Is
there an Elementary/beginners book you could recommend for me that would
help simplify things?  I guess with all the different things I've become
overwhelmed and not sure where to begin.  I am working
toward a pasture poultry project.  I currently have my layers in hoop
house that I move around daily, and am working on pasture grazing
control with my goats.

Do you offer consulting?  If not can you point me in the direction I
need to go?
Melissa Dodson

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