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Bryan Innes & Joanna Pearsall permaculture at eartheal.org.nz
Sat Feb 2 03:45:37 EST 2002

Kia ora kaotou- greeting everyone.
This is Jo Pearsall here from Aotearoa/New Zealand. Some of you know me, but most do not.
You will probably be hearing from me quite often over the next few months, as we will be hosting the 7th International Permaculture Conference in Auckland, New Zealand in February 2003.
This time 'though my request is for your recommendations for good permaculture websites.

I am taking part in a virtual conference, in which we are making a presentation about permaculture and then making other comments as people respond. My phone line is pretty slow, so I do not find surfing very rewarding. There are about 150 + people participating and I am sure that a good number of them would follow our recommendations for looking at further sites.
If you have recommendations for me, and have time to make a comment about why any particular site is recommended I would be very grateful.

Our "Permaculture in NZ "  website www.permaculture.org.nz  is still pretty skeletal, but perhaps you have material that would enhance it.

Many thanks
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