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Yes there are a few examples of capitalism ,with a social conscience, but 
perhaps not enough of them ,to pull us out of the hole just created by
ENRON. Bill Mollison outlined, this question of yields, in an atricle in the
IPJ  #40 page 40 thru and 41.  the plant list spill over to page 43.  In
just two
pages with photo, Phases of Abundance, from the masters quill, should put
all your question to rest.  I think it is his take on this that should
direct us in drawing up our new balance sheet for measuring yeilds in
permaculture gardens. Bill lists the yields from Season 1 thru Season 5.
During year one there is food for the table, year two propagation material
for replanting, barder or sale.  year three......  My experience with forest
garden yields have shown simillar yeilds , but take longer in my location.

Whoever is waiting to measure yeilds from mature single trees should  read
this article.
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>>From: "georg parlow" <georg at websuxxess.com>
>>> We produce 2 kilos of food per person per day, yet we haven't
> figured out a distribution system yet.
>>easy: dont distribute, but grow (as close to) where it is going to be
> consumed.
> LMAO - build a herb spiral on the dining room table? :)
> Methinks the subsistance farmers in Africa and Afghanistan would love
> to grow their own food.
> Their really shouldn't be an inherent mistrust of economics - after
> all, the Ethic Investment Trusts, Land Trusts, LETS, etc all use
> economics, but for the collective good rather than 'greed is good' -
> you can have capitalism with a social conscience (afterall, I'm sure
> most of the members of this list have jobs and participate in the
> economy).
> Unfortunately, people use permaculture as a banner to knock economics
> (and the mainstream media, and governments) so it's no wonder that the
> economists & others return the criticism in kind.  I'm not saying we
> shouldn't examine and criticise those institutions, but I do support
> the notion of using economics for our own good (and limit the
> criticisms in the process).
> Marcus
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