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Fri Feb 1 16:01:12 EST 2002

>From: "georg parlow" <georg at websuxxess.com>

>> We produce 2 kilos of food per person per day, yet we haven't
figured out a distribution system yet.
>easy: dont distribute, but grow (as close to) where it is going to be

LMAO - build a herb spiral on the dining room table? :)

Methinks the subsistance farmers in Africa and Afghanistan would love
to grow their own food.

Their really shouldn't be an inherent mistrust of economics - after
all, the Ethic Investment Trusts, Land Trusts, LETS, etc all use
economics, but for the collective good rather than 'greed is good' -
you can have capitalism with a social conscience (afterall, I'm sure
most of the members of this list have jobs and participate in the

Unfortunately, people use permaculture as a banner to knock economics
(and the mainstream media, and governments) so it's no wonder that the
economists & others return the criticism in kind.  I'm not saying we
shouldn't examine and criticise those institutions, but I do support
the notion of using economics for our own good (and limit the
criticisms in the process).


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