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At a similar stage, we called in a permaculture consultant who walked
the land for two days, and then spent a day walking with us, dictating 6
hours of cassettes while I took 10 to 15 pages of notes. We got about 5
years of projects and direction out of it.  It is an intensive,
efficient way to get off the plateau, albeit requiring writing one big
check.  You can email me off list for the names of a couple of
consultants who could fly in and do a similar job, or there may be
consultants on this list who would step forward.

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Good day:)

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<< Frank, have you ever considered taking the PC course ?>>

Yes, I have. But it's tough for me to get away from the farm. No one to
for the livestock, etc. Further as a relative newcomer/"furiner" I don't
kin, or any neighbors I'd feel comfortable asking.

 I've done a good bit of reading...but it's the details, the experience
I really lack.
I seem to learn more by actual demonstration, and a barrage of questions
construction details, etc., than in broad brush ideas, which I'm well
of, and in agreement with.

"Simple" things like finding contours seem to be overwhelming when you
have your labor, and thousands of feet to do. I'm sure others have faced
situation, and perhaps just eyeball it. Sometimes this may be fine
times not.

I hate to make mistakes others have. I'd rather emulate folks who have
successful, and follow their counsel.

However around here not too many folks have even heard of Permaculture!
are no nearby mentors I could spend many a day with in enthusiastic, 
reinforcing conversation.

I've corresponded with quite a number of folks on this list, whom I
admire, and whose advice I'd have no trouble following. Problem is it's
hard to get details on how to design a property like this with future
incorporated without actually on site visits.

This is a bit frustrating since I've spent a lot of time observing, and 
walking the land so I can probably transmit a lot of what is needed, or
same fairly quickly if I understand what is required.

Any designers out there looking for an exciting new project? Looking for
vacation home? A new career opportunity in Eco Village/Eco Tourism? I'd 
certainly be willing to listen:)

I'm all ears.

All the best. Frank
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