[permaculture] Re: What does Wiki mean?

BK lildragon at saber.net
Sat Aug 31 16:50:32 EDT 2002

Heres how I've come to understand the difinition of wiki:
The programmers who cam eup with the concept had being reading Zen books.
There was a term wiki in Zen idealogy, which is something like perfect with
purposeful imperfection. An elegent bamboo flute with the root mass still
attached. Or similar concepts in Indian beading, to add wrong color bead to
a design. Acknowledging the inheritent imperfection of of the process. Kinda
takes some of the pressure off, ya know? But with it, most things should
hopefully come to a reasonable concensus.
On thing on large scale PC: PC has been described as an ecosystem with
outputs suited for humans. The stability of ecosystems is largely from their
diversity. So monocultures don't count. But projects like those by the Land
Institute, or cropping under orchard, starts to add to the diversity of a
system, bringing it closer to PC. The more output can be connected to inputs
of other members of the system, the more PC a system becomes. Encouraging
large ag in that direction will help greatly, and reduce the inputs required
if designed well.


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