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Fri Aug 30 16:54:52 EDT 2002

keller wrote:
> Hi Lawrence,
> I have been away for a few months with very little time on the internet.
> Seems I have been missing something. What is a WIKI? Can somebody explain
> the concept with a few words?
> (Hope to have more time now. Nice to be back here.)
> Greetings
> Andreas

Hello Andreas, glad to have you back reading the list again. A WIKI is
a software script to run on a server that provides a group of people
with a "whiteboard" or a place to build, interactively, a document or
collection of hyperlinked documents. The most famous incarnation of this 
is the Wikipedia, the People's Encyclopedia. There is already an entry 
for agriculture and it looke pretty interesting. Contributors are able 
to create (edit and save) new entries at will and edit (overwrite) 
existing entries, as the system saves and chronologically archives all 
previous versions of that entry.

I think this is what we've been waiting for and is just the ticket for
developing a free and open information base. A PC Wiki could contain
a PC faq, an encyclopedia of PC terms, an outline for a PC course
and special areas for R&D, brainstorming and ongoing development of
detailed information bases and datasets.

Its easy to use. The more you learn about it the more effective a tool 
for information management it becomes for you and a group of 
collaborators. Here's the Wikipedia page for Agriculture.
I hope ibilio will have one up and running for us next week.
Best thing to do is just jump in and add something to an entry.


lfl at intrex.net

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