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> In a message dated 8/29/02 2:12:56 PM, mpludwig at facstaff.wisc.edu writes:
> << The wrong fertilizers are problematic. >>

> Lord, there are so many formulations etc. Yet local Southern Staes etc. may 
> only carry certain kinds. So you may noy have a lot of options.
> Nonetheless,what fertilizers/brand or compositions are you speaking about. 
> What should we avoid.

Commercial synthetic fertilizer. It will do great harm to soil microbes 
and the soil food web overall.

> For instance many locals seem to like to use triple 19. Is that OK, or do we 
> need to know about fillers etc. to make best choice
> What kinds/brands do we PC types need to avoid?

There are kinds made with byproducts (maybe flyash) of the toxic waste 
incineration industry. You'd probably want to avoid those. One of the 
mass marketers like Kmart has been carring some hyped up fertilizer with 
a spiffly name that contains toxic components.

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