[permaculture] A permaculture Wiki

BK lildragon at saber.net
Wed Aug 28 23:47:08 EDT 2002

Someone recently suggested taking a look at WikiPedia, which I did, and
since then have seen other examples of wiki's in use. Wiki's seem to have
some great attributes (a few problems, but on the whole very interesting).
One feature is that users can add to the content of a wiki, without the
admin having to rewrite pages double check url's etc. Definitions of terms
can easily be reached by novices, and ideas could be fleshed out. I would
LOVE to to have a wiki on ibiblio devoted to permaculture and offshoots and
ideas. And it would be alot easier then one person having to list and define
all the various ideas, examples, terms, people, principles, etc, since
anyone could start a definition wiki which could be expanded upon. Anyone
feel similarly?
I beleive there ought to be a couple of folks on ibiblio who know how to
upload the php scripts and run a wiki.

PS-On large scale the large scale ag and permaculture discussion, I think
mechinized harvesting inherently needs large amount of uniform product (a
John Deere ain't intellegent enough to pick a tomatoe, then a carrot, an
apple and a sprig of basil in one run). But it seems some enhancements can
be made, call them permaculture, or some other term. Crop inbetween trees
with enough room for harvesting, do more intellegent designs for water use
then a longditchs for water to run along in straight line after straight
line. Curve things with a radius large enough for the tractor to deal with.
Grow a few thousand chickens and use there manure on your acreage. Grow your
own energy crops to run things. Of course on a large scale you lack the
personal touch a permaculture can have. It seems to me permaculture requires
a more human touch then agribis has, some places are the antithesis of
permaculture, some show some of the principles (wether call pc or not), and
some ARE permaculture. This concludes my 2 cents. :-) 

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