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Ted Markow tbag.markow at verizon.net
Tue Aug 20 20:47:00 EDT 2002


Thanks for sending these URLs - very interesting.

According to the Footprint quiz, I require 5.2 planets.  I wonder if they
would throw in the extra .8 planet to make it 6!  Seriously, even though I
consider my lifestyle to be somewhat sustainable, I really know that it
isn't sustainable at all!  It should be some consolation to me that most
people in the US live as I do, but in reality, it scares the hell out of

As far as Sustainable Pittsburgh, I'm glad to see that Alan AtKisson is
hard at work.  His book, "Believing Cassandra" is a real eye opener, but
with a positive spin.



Brunswick, Maine, USA

Xavier Dequaire wrote:

> Nice tools to explore sustainability with are Ecological Footprints.
> Have a look for example at
> http://www.earthday.org/footprint/
> As you seem to be american, you might also explore
> http://www.SustainablePittsburgh.org/SWPAIndicators/
> the report my be providing interesting prospects.
> Sustainably yours
> Xavier in Norway

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